Hap Ki Do

DonationsOur plan over time is to use this site as our video archive, documenting the techniques which characterize Gun Fu, particularly the Iron Crane School.  This is a considerable project that will take time, and we are continuing to experiment with different presentation formats.  Currently, our video files are in the *.wmv format.  We feel this format provides the best combination of quality and compression, allowing for good viewing at relatively fast download speeds.  You will need the Version 7 (or higher) of Windows Media Player to view the *.wmv files.  The videos should be played in a reduced view for clarity.  You will lose detail if you enlarge them on your screen.  Bearing with this inconvenience helps us to co-exist with our server and bandwidth limitations.

Our ultimate plan is to also feature contributions from other systems.  Nothing would please us more than to have sections dedicated to the Kata and techniques of other styles.  In fact, be sure to check our own Kata section, which is growing as contributions come in (click here to see Kata) .  In the words of my buddy Don Wasielewski (7th Dan), "We celebrate our differences!", and look for the value in everything as part of our search for truth.

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