The Art of Breaking (Video)

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Windows Media (.wmv)

Calvin Devereaux demonstrates first level of rock breaking.

Calvin Devereaux
(second example)

The 1 striking power of Isidro Archibeque

Bill Mc Cabe demonstrates the free break against a single board.

Bill Mc Cabe demonstrates the free break against two boards.

Closeup of the free break against two boards

Bill Mc Cabe demonstrates the 7 block break.

Isidro Archibeque practicing his rock breaking skills.

The incomparable Isidro Archibeque breaking a 1 plywood laminate board.

Master Archibeque (Evergreen Demo #1)

Master Archibeque (Evergreen Demo#2)

Master Archibeque Turns 62 Years Old (May 1995 - Still breaking after all these years)

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