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Christmas Story
Crap Eaters
The Demo
John Jackson
Lau Wei
Man From
Mc Kenzie
Meeting Master
Mr. Kwan
Tacoma Spring
The Line
Thought Maps
Thurs. Surprise

No study of martial arts would be complete without some exploration of lifeís heroes, and personalities.  These stories are inspired by true incidents, and legend.  Not infrequently, legend merges with fact, and the line between fades with time.  Take from them what you will..., rumor has it some readers of these pieces have achieved enlightenment.  Strictly unintentional, donít blame us if it happens! 


These stories are works of fiction.  Except where historical persons are referenced, the events and characters portrayed are imaginary.  Their resemblance, if any, to real life events, or counterparts is entirely coincidental.

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