Self Defense Demonstrated

A practitioner of Gun Fu should be able to defend him or herself in any situation. To develop this skill in a safe practice environment, we have categorized the most common self defense problems which you might expect to encounter in real world situations. By developing confidence in responding to these attacks, you learn to defend yourself against the unknown attacker.

For testing purposes, students are required to produce a minimum of three immediate responses to each category of attack.  In actual testing, the self defense criteria would be met only when the sequence is run to completion, and the attacker is unable to continue.

Several years ago, we inserted a number of video clips demonstrating the unique nature of Ironcrane Gun Fu responses to attacks.   For purposes of illustration, we included clips demonstrating preliminary response moves. These clips were located in the Gun Fu Manual section of the site, and required a bit of exploration to be discovered. 

Well, at the suggestion of several visitors, we have created this page, with the self defense clips labeled and easily accessed.   These video files are in the *.wmv format.  You will need Version 7 (or higher) of Windows Media Player to view the *.wmv files.  The videos should be played in a reduced view for clarity.  You will lose detail if you enlarge them on your screen.  Bearing with this inconvenience helps us to co-exist with our server and bandwidth limitations. Hopefully, they’ll prove to be enjoyable, and informative.

These clips are for entertainment and general informational purposes only.  Actual self defense should be practiced in a controlled environment emphasizing safety, and only under the direct supervision of a Black Belt instructor, and only after you have been cleared by your personal physician.

              Grabs From the Front:

              1. Grab to the wrist/sleeve:

              Examples of Striking Responses

              Examples of Breaking Responses

              Grab to Sleeve at Wrist

              Setting up Basic Throws

              2. Grab to the elbow/sleeve:

              Grab to Sleeve at Elbow

              3. Grab to the side at rib cage:

              The Prayer Hand Release

              Grab to Side at Rib Cage.

              4. Grab to either front shoulder:

              Straight Grab to Shoulder.

              Grab to Opposite Shoulder.

              5. Grab to the chest:

              Straight Grab to Chest.

              Lifting Grab to Chest

              6. Grab to the waist:

              Grab at Waist Level

              Grab at Waist Level (Inverted Hand)

              7. Grab to the hair:

              Grab to Hair

              8. Grab with both hands to the chest:

              Two Hands Grabbing at Chest

              9. Two handed front choke:

              Two Handed Front Choke

              10. Front head lock:

              Defending Against Front Head Lock

              11. Hip throw defenses:

              Hip Throw Defenses

              12. Shoulder throw defenses:

              Basic Throw Defenses (same as above)

              13. Grab to both arms (Front and Rear):

              Grab to Both Arms from Front

              Grab to Both Arms from Rear

              One Hand Grabs From the Rear:

              14. Grab to the hair:

              Defending Against Rear Hair Grab

              15. Grab to the collar:

              Grab to Collar From Rear

              16. Grab to either shoulder:

              Rear Shoulder Grab

              17. Grab at belt level:

              Defending Against Rear Belt Level Grab

              18. Head lock:

              Defending Against Rear Head Lock

              Two Hands Grab From the Rear:

              19. Two hands grab rear shoulders:

              Two Hands at Rear Shoulders

              20. Full Nelson:

              Full Nelson

              21. Choke from the rear:

              Rear Choke

              22. Bear hug (over defender's arms):

              Bear Hug Over Arms

              23. Arms locked around upper torso (under defender's arms):

              Arms Around Upper Torso

              24. Arms locked around waist (under defender's arms):

              Arms Around Waist

              Open Attack Defenses:

              25. React and defend against hand attacks:

              Strike Against Lunge Punch

              Break Against Lunge Punch

              Throw Against Lunge Punch

              Opposite Hand #1

              Opposite Hand #2

              Backfist Attack

              Multiple Punches (Intro)

              Multiple Punches (Part2)

              • lunge punch
              • opposite hand punch
              • backfist attack
              • multiple punch attack

              26. React and defend against attacks with weapons: 

              Stick Attacks

              Knife Attacks

              Bo Attacks

              Sword Attacks

              • stick attacks
              • knife attacks
              • bo attacks
              • sword attacks
              • pistol defenses

              27. React and defend against foot attacks:  

              Front Kick

              Side Kick

              Face (Roundhouse) Kick

              Hook Kick

              Round Kick

              • front kick
              • side kick
              • face kick
              • hook kick
              • round kick

              28. Multiple hand and foot attacks

              Patience is Rewarded

              29. Ground defenses:

              Ground Defenses

              30. Ground control techniques:

              Ground Control


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