Resurrected Videos

In the 1990's, we did a number of films documenting and preserving the concepts and approaches we were taking in the martial arts.  Perhaps this was motivated a bit by vanity ... we felt we were doing some unique and special things, and wanted others to know about it.  Another motivation was keeping our own tradition alive and viable for those of our students who chose to follow in our footsteps.  Probably the most important factor was that video cameras and blanks tapes had finally become affordable.

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All of the raw footage was filmed when opportunity arose, planning was impossible.  There were no scripts, nothing was rehearsed.  That was basically how we wanted it ... what you are seeing is what we were regularly doing.  The point is Gunfu strives to be in the moment, and not choreographed ... you can see where we excelled, and where we could do better.  Back then, we all worked very hard to advance our skills while accepting there was still room for improvement.

A small number of these videos did make it to the marketplace ... we sold them for several years, then the digital revolution took over and costs to continue producing outweighed the returns.  Several of these films have become underground classics.  Though only a few were “sold” bootleg copies are all over the countryside.

It just no longer made sense for the original tapes to be deteriorating in storage, while low quality bootlegs were floating about.

 These uploads represents the re-compiled and digitized originals.

Real learning comes from sharing.

These clips are for entertainment and general informational purposes only. We are not instructing you, or encouraging you to do or to believe anything, except to view, enjoy, and think. Never forget that martial arts, like any contact sport, presents the risk of injury, sometimes serious, disabling, or even fatal. Actual techniques should only be practiced in a controlled environment emphasizing safety, under the direct supervision of a Black Belt instructor (in whom you have trust and confidence), and only after you have been cleared by your personal physician.

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