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Integral to martial traditions is the association with personal growth and fulfillment. Ancient masters were appreciated as fully actualized entities. They were respected for breadth of knowledge, depth of insight, and for having actualized a center from which all they did emerged. In addition to having great martial skills, they were sometimes also poets, artists, musicians, healers, strategists and scientists.

You see, back then martial arts was not about kicking somebodyís butt as a basis for self worth. It was about finding the center of You, and establishing your identity from the inside out while maintaining balance, perspective, and restraint.

Today, following such a path has become nearly impossible.

While we are not Pavlovís dogs, we are primed to respond to any number of verbal and visual stimuli, even to the point of losing hold on reality. Influence mongers constantly mine the efficacy of words and images to this end, and propogate entire industries to harness those relationships to our behavior. Unfortunately, many of us have allowed ourselves to become the cart.

Society bombards us with influences from our earliest youth, itís part of the human condition. The velocity and intensity of todayís bombardment is unprecedented in human history. A new religion has dawned, the supposed worship of thought. Whoever controls the weight of thought, ultimately controls the will and resources of the people. Institutions like government, corporations and political parties, which were once derivative of the peopleís authority, have now taken charge. They have mastered the art of dissimulation and manipulation, effectively putting themselves in the cat-bird seat.

(Click here  for a look at how the battle for your mind plays out)

That is, if you let them.  You want to see how far down the road of distorted reality youíve been led?  Take a moment and look at this video.


As a martial artist, never surrender the quest for truth. What starts out as diligent effort to perfect technique in the martial arts, evolves in the crucible of of a masterís spirit, to be an uncompromising search for truth. That, historically, has been the path of liberation for martial artists. The ultimate self defense, and the underlying purpose of all your efforts and training is actualization and protection of truth. As you work diligently to this end, always be mindful of those who will spare no effort, investment, or technique to take that away from you. 

(Click here  for a closeup on what you are up against)

Just as truth will carry you to liberation, the absence of truth will steal your liberty.

To that concern lies the motivation for you to make your stand with truth today!  Donít wait a moment longer.

What the dissimulators already know is that finding the truth takes hard work, and time. Theyíre counting on your not making the sacrifice, and defaulting to their spell. They bombard you with streams of snapshot opinions, misportrayals, half-truths, and outright lies. They already know you and your loved ones will spend an enormous amount of time plugged into TV, social media or listening to the radio, and have convinced you that doing so keeps you ďinformedĒ and on your game. 

Not! Donít fall for this. In this visually oriented society, when you buy into someone elseís lie, youíre creating a stream of images which take your consciousness from reality and away from truth. They already know that mental images, stimulated by injected misportrayals have huge impact on beliefs that people walk away with. Studies have shown where an image accompanies objective text narrative, it is the image which sets the residual impression in the mind of the receiver. These same studies have found that when the image directly contradicts what is in the narrative, the perceiver remembers what was in the image as the basis for belief, and ignores the contextual facts. That means, if their magic is working the way it should, the lie will become your reality, and you wonít even have the ability to recognize the truth when itís staring you in the face. It also means that when the truth eventually surfaces, it will no longer matter. The devilís work has already been done.

Try to see the big picture ... what is really being decided, what will the decision cause to happen, who will benefit, who will pay (or suffer)? Thatís thinking three dimensionally.  It roots you in the here and the now, where truth is everywhere, but seldom found.

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Hereís something that will help you get started ...


Protect the Vessel.

Be excellent.

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