Forms with Weapons

Gao Lung
Shan Hai Men
Singing Crane
Thousand Sticks
Thunder Earth
Wings of Light

A typical Black Belt in the Iron Crane School will work weapons extensively, in soDonationsme instances, as much as empty hand work. Virtually all weapons are included in the Black Belt’s purview.  The only exception would be something that goes “bang.”  In effect, if you want to do guns, go to the shooting range; if you want explosives, join the Seals (or the Rangers).

To illustrate, Master Archibeque once asked a group of Black Belts if they could defend themselves with a loaf of sliced bread.  Acknowledging their bewilderment, he invited their attacks, and defended using a loaf of ordinary bread, in every conceivable way, down to the last slice.  He did the same with ropes, handkerchiefs, knives, darts, dirks, strings, rakes, shovels, oars, swords, staffs, hats, shoes, belts, acorns, telephones, pens, strings, chains, sticks, glasses, envelopes, cartons, bottles, etc. 

As with empty hand forms.  Students of weapons usually spend considerably time mastering traditional weapons forms (Isshinryu weapons forms are a required study for our Black Belts, as are the weapons forms of Hap Ki Do).  Once a fundamental understanding is established, the student will “graduate” to the weapons forms of the Iron Crane Dojo, some of which are demonstrated here.  Because of the inherent danger in doing contact practice with weapons, advanced students perfect their combat skills by carefully working with partners, and then, learning and mastering the two person sets.

There are several two person sets in the Iron Crane Dojo.  Shan Hai Men is an example, where two combatants execute a complete fight using Bo.  As you might surmise from this demonstration, two person sets are extremely challenging, and require years to mature into combat effectiveness.

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