Thunder Meets Earth

Thunder Meets Earth is a two person fighting form, using the 28” rattan sticks common to Arnis.  This is actually the last of five stick fighting forms in the Iron Crane Dojo.  Our tutelage in the stick fighting arts commences with mastery of the basic strikes, and blocks.  Phase II is mastery of the advanced strikes, and disarms.  Phase III requires mastery of complex movement and development of flow.  In Phase IV the student extends concepts of flow and adapts complexity of movement to using two sticks simultaneously.  Phase V is combat.  Each of the Phases culminates with a Kata (they are more usually referred to as “Anyo”, acknowledging the Filipino influence).  Learning “Thunder Meets Earth” means you’ve completed Phase V of your training, and have the requisite skills for combat training.

The form integrates concepts from many styles of Arnis, but also gives acknowledges the Asian sword arts of Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, and Indonesia.  Specifically, it includes the Single and Double Sinawali drills common to virtually all systems of Arnis, with the entire middle section inspired by the twin sword arts found in Korea, China, and Southeast Asia.  Though the form appears almost improvised in its flow, it is in fact executed to a strict measure of counts and beats.  Understanding the “Beat” and “Rhythm” of movement is the essence of weapons fighting, with the greatest masters learning to execute entirely between the beats, when there is nothing to impede their movement.

Video Background Notes and Introduction

These are from another one of our productions from the 1990's.  I've mentioned elsewhere about the difficult economics.  It was very expensive to do this back then, and profits were nil.  Still, the films proved their merit over time.  They were widely disseminated, copied, shared,  and universally well received, though rarely paid for or purchased.

Thinking back, what made it all worthwhile in the end was how much fun we had doing them.

Here, we're presenting everything you need to know about Thunder Meets Earth.  The initial objective was to create a form serving as safe backdrop for practicing all of the intermediate to advanced two person stick flows.  Thunder Meets Earth accomplishes this and more.  Generally, when our students are ready to learn the form they already have considerable experienxce with all of the stick drills and flows.  Learning the form is simply icing on the cake. 

As we undertook filming, it became clear early on the form could be used not just as a vehicle for practicing the movements, but as a practical framework for mastering the stick drills and flow exercises.  This was new ground for us, and you'll see that reflected in the videos.  As an extra treat, the final video is the original and complete record tape.  Viewing that, you will see how each overview chapter presents and works a determined set of flow dynamics, first empty handed, then with sticks, and then with a partner.  As the conclusion, everything is ultimately tied together into the final form.  .

For more insight, check our article The Arnis Connection
(Click to view) which talks about the unique character of Arnis, and how it integrates with empty hand technique.  Though universally regarded as a Filipino fighting style, there are similar arts in other cultures which exhibit comparable features, strengths and characteristics.  Likewise, Filipino stick fighting arts are forever evolving and pushing the limits of performance, to include borrowing and integrating what is useful from other styles.  I first came to Arnis thru the late Master J. Cui Brocka,  primarily working regularly over a span of years with his top student, David Bird, who remains one of the finest Escrimadors on the West Coast, if not anywhere.  Through Sifu Bird, I had opportunity to meet Datu Kelly Worden who over the years has also established a firm foothold at the top, in effect creating his own system after working with a number of recognized masters.  I am also forever inspired by my brother (in the martial arts), Sifu Russ Kauffroath, who, along with his partner Damien Romero, has taken Arnis into new areas of growth and evolution at a breathtaking pace.

My background includes studies of the Chinese, Korean and Filipino stick and blade arts, and like many others who have spent time in the stick arts, what I do today is an amalgam of the totality of my experiences.  Here we are demonstrating some of our training methods developed over time which encourage a transition from learned, repetitive technique, to instinctive response.  Remember ... always wear safety glasses!

These clips are for entertainment and general informational purposes only. We are not instructing you, or encouraging you to do or to believe anything, except to view, enjoy, and think. Never forget that martial arts, like any contact sport, presents the risk of injury, sometimes serious, disabling, or even fatal. Actual techniques should only be practiced in a controlled environment emphasizing safety, under the direct supervision of a Black Belt instructor (in whom you have trust and confidence), and only after you have been cleared by your personal physician.

Thunder Meets Earth - Two Person Form

Thunder Meets Earth #1


Thunder Meets Earth #2


Thunder Meets Earth #3


Thunder Meets Earth #4


Thunder Meets Earth #5


Thunder Meets Earth #6


Thunder Meets Earth #7


Thunder Meets Earth - Complete


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