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What is Gun Fu?


Gun Fu is a living art. Gun Fu embodies the sweat, knowledge, heart and spirit of those who came before me. I take what I find, learn it, improve it, then pass it on. Because of me, Gun Fu is a living entity and possesses its own spirit, its own heart, its own body, and its own mind. Know what this means!

What is the Spirit of Gun Fu?

The Spirit of Gun Fu is an impeccable attitude.

What is the Heart of Gun Fu?

Truth is the Heart of Gun Fu.

What is the Body of Gun Fu?

My body of steel is the Body of Gun Fu.

What is the Mind of Gun Fu?

My technique is the mind of Gun Fu.


What is the Mission of Gun Fu?
The mission statement describes what will happen to you if you undertake this program.)

The mission of Gun Fu is to become a better person through dedication to the martial arts.


What is the Goal of Gun Fu?
The goal statement describes your ultimate performance objective once you embark on this path)

Mind over Matter


What are the Rules of Gun Fu?

1.  You need to have a plan.
2.  In the streets, there are no rules!
3.  You canít block what you canít see.
4.  Donít stop.  You need to flow like water!


The Stances of Gun Fu

                Click here to see the stances demonstrated in the Step Drill.

                1. Neutral

                2. Cobra

                3. Dragon

                4. Bow Stance
                ---neutral bow
                ---forward bow
                ---reverse bow

                5. Forward Stance

                6. Seisan

                7. Seiuchin Stance

                8. Back Stance

                9. Cat Stance

                10. Reverse Cat Stance

                11. Crane Stance

                12. Monkey Position
                ---on one knee
                ---on two knees
                ---lying down

                13. Grasshopper Position

                14. Sanchin Stance

                15. Horse Stance


Gun Fu Hand Tools

                1. Karate Punch Seiken
                2. Vertical Punch
                3. Backfist Uraken
                4. Palm Strike Teisho
                5. Knife Hand Shuto
                6. Hammer Fist Kentsui
                7. Phoenix Fist Ippon Ken
                8. Dragon Fist Nakadake Ken
                9. Thumb Fist
                10. Knuckle Fist Hiraken
                11. Ridge Hand Haito
                12. Stoh
                13. Spear Hand Nukite
                14. Flat Hand Kaisho
                15. Back Flat Hand Haishu
                16. Prayer Hand
                17. Open Hand Soft
                18. Back Open Hand Soft
                19. Bear Hand Kumade
                20. Panther Hand
                21. Tiger Hand
                22. Cobra Strike
                23. Eagle Strike
                24. Chicken Hand
                25. Camel Hand
                26. Grasshopper Hand
                27. Spike Hand
                28. Live Hand
                29. Neutral Hand
                30. Lariat
                31. Dead Hand


The Cardinal Points of Gun Fu


Movement Drills


Breathing Techniques
(tan jun breathing)


Gun Fu Foot Tools*
*Also see Appendix "K"

                1. Front Kick
                2. Side Kick
                3. Back Kick
                4. Face Kick
                5. Inside Kick
                6. Outside Kick
                7. Hamstring Kick
                8. Shin Bone Kick
                9. Shin Bone Turn Kick
                10. Axe Kick
                11. Drop Kick
                12. Stomp
                13. Heel Hook Kick


Multiple Kicks

                14. Alternating Legs
                15. Same Leg
                16. Five Kick Combinations

Optional Kicks

                17. Round Kick
                18. Sit Down Round Kick
                19. Double Flying Front Kick
                20. Flying Side Kick
                21. Jumping Spinning Side Kick

Self Defense Techniques

A practitioner of Gun Fu should be able to defend him or herself in any situation. To develop this skill in a safe practice environment, we have categorized the most common self defense problems which you may expect to encounter in real world situations. By developing confidence in responding to these attacks, you will learn to defend yourself against the unknown attacker. For testing purposes, you will be required to produce a minimum of three immediate responses to each category of attack. Therefore, you should write in your preferred alternative responses for each attack listed.  For purposes of illustration, we have included video clips demonstrating fundamental concepts and preliminary response moves.  You can find them in the Self Defense section of the site. In actual testing, the self defense criteria would be met only when the sequence is run to completion, and the attacker is unable to continue. 

              Grabs From the Front:

              1. Grab to the wrist/sleeve:


              2. Grab to the elbow/sleeve:


              3. Grab to the side at rib cage:


              4. Grab to either front shoulder:


              5. Grab to the chest:


              6. Grab to the waist:


              7. Grab to the hair:


              8. Grab with both hands to the chest:


              9. Two handed front choke:


              10. Front head lock:


              11. Hip throw defenses:


              12. Shoulder throw defenses:


              13. Grab to both arms (Front and Rear):


              One Hand Grabs From the Rear:

              14. Grab to the hair:


              15. Grab to the collar:


              16. Grab to either shoulder:


              17. Grab at belt level:


              18. Head lock:


              Two Hands Grab From the Rear:

              19. Two hands grab rear shoulders:


              20. Full Nelson:


              21. Choke from the rear:


              22. Bear hug (over defender's arms):


              23. Arms locked around upper torso (under defender's arms):


              24. Arms locked around waist (under defender's arms):


              Open Attack Defenses:

              25. React and defend against hand attacks:

              • lunge punch

              • opposite hand punch

              • backfist attack

              • multiple punch attack


              26. React and defend against attacks with weapons: 

              • stick attacks

              • knife attacks

              • bo attacks

              • sword attacks

              • pistol defenses


              27. React and defend against foot attacks:  

              • front kick

              • side kick

              • face kick

              • hook kick

              • round kick


              28. Multiple hand and foot attacks


              29. Ground defenses:


              30. Ground control techniques:


              The Animal Fighting Styles


As a student of Gun Fu, you are expected to master the concept of animal fighting. At any point in time, you should be able to explain any of the major animal applications, and provide three examples of the underlying principle. You should also know and be able to explain why animals are employed to portray concepts of self defense in Gun Fu. The following animals are your foundation:



What is the Black Sash?

The ultimate destination of every Gun Fu student is to wear the Black Sash of Gun Fu. There is no higher honor...and nothing you ever do will require the same level of discipline, dedication, and commitment. Appendix "T" gives the testing guidelines for each level. Make this your road map! Mark off what you already know, and identify what you still must learn. Your instructor will provide the specific requirements for each of the 9 levels leading to your Black Sash. When you feel ready to challenge a test, submit your petition. Always remember your instructors want you to earn your Sash. They are on your side...always.

Getting Your Black Sash

Appendix "A" details the constellation of requirements for Black Sash. Part of the requirement is to have command of 15 Kata. Of the 15 Kata, 10 should be empty hand Kata, and 5 should be weapons Kata. Of the hard and soft empty hand Kata, the Black Sash must know a minimum of 3 from either group. Any combinations not violating the above rules, are valid. Kata from other systems may be accepted within these requirements with the approval of the head instructor.


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