Empty Hand Forms

Crane Forms
Dragon Breathing
Dancing Dragon
Dragon Walks
Feng Schwei
Shadow Form
Sleeping Dragon
Standard 1&2
Standard 3
Step Drill
Takiyoku 1

These are sample forms from the Iron Crane School.  Detailed explanation is provided with each form, where it’s history, evolution, and purpose is discussed.  You’ll note some of these forms are very complex, requiring considerable focus.  Others are complex only in the requirement they be improvised “on the fly.”  Most are for one person, others require multiple participants.  “Feng Schwei” requires five participants, and may take years to truly master.  The Takiyoku Kata is from Shotokan.  It is also known as Funakoshi’s “first cause” Kata.  It’s utter simplicity belies the profound lessons it contains, regarding sighting, stance, balance and power.  The “H” format of Takiyoku Shodan surfaces in many forms, including the improvisational Standard 3, and in weapons forms like Anyo 1 & 2.  Additionally, we have video of Master Archibeque doing his animal forms at this location on the site.

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