Escapes, Locks and Twists

At some point in the 1990's we had received requests to produce videos explaining and demonstrating our self defense concepts.  This of course was before the digital revolution.  Video cameras and tapes were very expensive, and quality production was sometimes unaffordable.  Not infrequently we relied on the generosity of others who loaned their equipment, energy and time to assist our efforts.

All of the raw footage was filmed when the opportunity arose, planning was impossible.  There were no scripts, nothing was rehearsed.  While not an easy task, in the end, it turned out for the best.  The final product proved true to what we were doing at the time and is an accurate portrait of our committment.  That was basically what we hoped for. What you are seeing is what we were regularly doing.  The point is Gunfu strives to be in the moment and not choreographed. Yyou can see where we excelled and where we could do better.  Back then, we all worked very hard to advance our skills, while accepting there was still room for improvement.

A small number of these videos did make it into the marketplace. We sold VHS tapes for several years, then the digital revolution took over and costs to continue producing outweighed the returns.  In the net, we got a lot of exposure with negative cash flow.

These clips are from our video of the same title "Escapes, Locks & Twists".  In a way, this tape has become an underground classic, with bootleg copies all over the landscape.  Friends tell me that in the martial arts, that’s a sign of success.

Bringing this endeavor full circle, we have digitized the original analog video, edited for brevity, and uploaded as a seven part topical series on our YouTube channel (“spreadswings”).  For the intrepid, the final installment is the re-compiled video, in its entirety.  All of them are viewable here, for your enjoyment.

We were attempting something very unique back then ...

These clips are for entertainment and general informational purposes only.  Actual self defense should be practiced in a controlled environment emphasizing safety, and only under the direct supervision of a Black Belt instructor, and only after you have been cleared by your personal physician.


#1 - Releases


#2 - Prayer Hand, Wedge, Reverses


#3 - Crane, Under and Out


#4 - Arm Bars and Escapes


#5 - Wrist Moves


#6 - Four Corners Throw


#7 - Combining Techniques


#8 - Escapes, Locks and Twists Complete


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