Stretching and Flexibility

Everything you never wanted to know

by Brad Appleton


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PLEASE NOTE: I am not any kind of qualified medical or fitness professional! I have considerable training and experience in dance and martial arts, but my only "qualifications" for writing this are that I took the time and effort to read several books on the topic, and to combine that information with that of many knowledgeable readers of Usenet news.

If you have specific questions or comments about the specific content of one or more parts of the stretching FAQ, please email them to me. But Please do not email me asking for any stretching advice, nor for information about stretching research! I simply am not qualified to dispense medical or fitness advice. You need to seek out a licensed/certified medical or fitness professional for that sort of thing. I am a software developer, not a doctor (with apologies to Dr. McCoy on Star Trek ;-)