Warm Up Exercises

  Appendix "W"
Warm Up Exercises

Gun Fu Warm Up Exercises
            1. Head front to back
            2. Head turn side to side
            3. Head tilting side to side
            4. Head rotations
            5. Arms in crab position at chest level ( side to side)
            6. Side to side tiger
            7. Arm swinging crouches
            8. Frankenstein Arm swing twist (spread legs)
            9. Sunrise
            10. Sunset
            11. Front back 45 degree angle
            12. Hip side to side
            13. Elvis/hip rotation
            14. Knuckles to the ground eye to the sky
            15. Elvis / hip rotation
            16. Scoops
            17. T-touches while spreading the legs
            18. Weeping willows
            19. Knee crouches/knee bends
            20. Knee circles
            21. Side knee stretch shallow
            22. Side knee stretch deep

    Conclude warmups with one set of Chinese pushups, and one set of dual tension sit ups.

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