Standards and Rules

Appendix "S"


You will progress faster one class per week for four years than you will at four classes per week for one year.

      1. Be there

      2. Be on time, be there until class is concluded

      3. Sign in at onset

      4. Pay when due

      5. Minimum 24 hours notice to instructor when not coming

      6. Higher rank has absolute authority

      7. All rank is permanent

      8. Authority of rank can promote to two levels below

      9. Black Belt and higher can promote to own level, in accord with
          Appendix "M"

      10. No contact until Brown Belt or higher. Touch contact at Brown
           Belt. Black Belt and above, as agreed.


      11. Bow when entering or departing dojo

      12. Bow when Sensei enters class

      13. Address all black belts as "Sensei"

      14. Show up on time dressed and in position

      15. Be clean, wear clean uniforms, no odors, practice good personal

      16. No jewelry in class

      17. Pay on the first class of the month, mark paid in the sign-in book

      18. Call 24 hours in advance if you must miss a class

      19. Be awake and balanced at all times, do not lean against walls

      20. Do not yawn

      21. Record techniques and observations in your personal notebook

      22. No racial, religious, sex or physical traits are to joked about or
           commented on within the confines of the dojo

      23. When told to execute a move/kata avoid thinking & questioning,
            just execute


      24. Student has the right to abstain from any exercise to protect

    Aids Awareness

      25. Bandage wounds, scrapes, cuts

      26. Do not use someone else's sparring gear


Sparring & Exercises

      27. You have the right to claim self-defense distance before exercise

      28. Lower belts (purple and below) strike no closer than 6" from
            opponent's face

      29. Do not strike pressure points on opposite sides of opponent's body

      30. When you hear "Yamai" or your opponent taps out, release your
            hold immediately and carefully.


      31. Do not begin a kata until you are ready

      32. Once you start a kata you must finish it

      33. If you forget the kata , make one up and finish it

      34. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by Anyone

      35. Stop when the kata is finished or you hear, "Yamai"

      36. Person doing kata owns the floor. Give him/her plenty of room 

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