Self Defense

These clips are for entertainment and general informational purposes only.  Actual self defense should be practiced in a controlled environment emphasizing safety, and only under the direct supervision of a Black Belt instructor, and only after you have been cleared by your personal physician.

Our section on self defense includes an overview on how we approach the basics, and then a realistic demonstration of how the basics integrate into a coherent flow, making the concepts “street worthy”.

A practitioner of Gun Fu should be able to defend him or herself in any situation. To develop this skill in a safe practice environment, we have categorized the most common self defense problems which you might expect to encounter in real world situations. By developing confidence in responding to these attacks, you learn to defend yourself against the unknown attacker.

For testing purposes, students are required to produce a minimum of three immediate responses to each category of attack.  In actual testing, the self defense criteria would be met only when the sequence is run to completion, and the attacker is unable to continue.

For Additional Perspectives on Self Defense (Click Here)

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