Ground Defenses


Appendix "G"
Ground Defenses

Pinned to Ground by Opponent

    Attack the hair and/or head

    Attack the controlling arms at or near the elbow juncture

    Attack the knee of the weight bearing leg, and shift it laterally

    Move opponent off of body using pelvic thrust

    Move opponent off of body using a body roll
      (be sure to set this move up by trapping opponent's lead leg with your own)

    Apply the concepts of confusion of force and distraction

    Attack miscellaneous pressure points

    Shift vital targets to avoid strikes, and to break opponent's balance

    When opponent is on your back, employ donkey. After opponent has shifted forward,
      trap his free hand and execute throw


    On Ground With Opponent Approaching

    As opponent approaches, attack at legs with ground fighting concepts. Wait until
      contact/control of opponent's legs/knees is certain. Do not reveal your strategy.

    Once opponent has broken into your defensive zone, and is descending, use body shift
      to protect vital targets. Attack opponent at elbow area control points.

    Once the opponent is close in, take control of his head/hair, move him into a defensive
      position, and counterattack.

    Note that this is the opposite of "head, elbows, knees." When the opponent is approaching,
      the rule becomes "knees, elbows, head."

    Practice monkey. While on the ground, be able to move in all directions, and to protect
      all angles. Develop speed.


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