Mastering Falls


Appendix "F"
Mastering Falls

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Forward Rolls and Basic Drops

    Basic ending/floor position (right side)
            ---Left lateral leg lies flat against the floor with the toes pointing
            ---Balance of the body is on the left side, with the right leg bent 90 degrees, heel off
                the ground, using the ball of the right foot to cushion impact
            ---Head is locked, and the chin is tucked
            ---Left hand slaps the ground (palm down) at a 45 degree angle to the line drawn
                through the center length axis of the body
            ---Right hand is bent 90 degrees at the elbow and is positioned to protect the stomach

    Basic roll position (right side)
            ---Positioned on both knees, reach forward with the left hand and position hand/palm
               flat against the ground. Push off with the left leg and roll over the right shoulder,
               ending in the basic floor position

    Side drop position (right side)
            ---Sitting in a catcher's crouch, thrust the left leg sharply to the right. As soon as your
                balance falters, drop smartly into the basic floor position, using care to land clean,
                thus minimizing impact

    Advanced roll (right side)
            ---Begin from a forward stance with your right knee forward. Using the "live arm"
                concept, position the right arm to your front, touching the ground to the
                inside of the right foot. The left hand may assist by touching the ground
               slightly behind the right once the roll is begun. Pushing with the left leg,
               tuck your chin into the left chest and dive forward, using the right arm to
               guide you into a clean shoulder roll. There are two landing options:
            ---Option #1: Land stationary in the basic floor position
            ---Option #2: Carry forward and execute a clean roll to standing position

    Standing roll (right side)
            ---Start out in the advanced roll position (above)
            ---Carefully step back two paces, and come to normal standing position
            ---Starting with the left foot, step smartly (two steps) into a right shoulder
                roll. There are two landing options:
            ---Option #1: Land stationary in the basic floor position
            ---Option #2: Carry forward and execute a clean roll to standing position

    Obstacle roll (right or left side)
            ---Set an obstacle in your direct path that you must clear simultaneous to
                entering your roll. Preferably, this should be a horizontal bar, possibly even
                a Bo, sitting by gravity on two supports. As skill level develops, the bar/Bo
               should be raised in height, up to a maximum of three feet
            ---Next, try doing the same roll over the back of one partner (kneeling, resting
               on his hands). Then try two partners, and then three...and so on
            ---There are two landing options:
            ---Option #1: Land stationary in the basic floor position
            ---Option #2: Carry forward and execute a clean roll to standing position

    Suicide roll
            ---This is executed in motion. The roll is executed by doing a full airborne spin,
                without the right arm making contact on the ground
            ---Because of the mechanics of this maneuver, the landing will necessarily be
               the basic floor position

    Back drop
            ---Sitting with your legs straight, and your body perpendicular to the ground,
               tuck your chin into your chest, then drop backward, landing on the bridge
               between your shoulders. When you hit the ground, strike both arms to the
               side at a 45 degree angle, palms downward. The arm strike to the ground
               should just precede the impact of the shoulders onto the surface.
            ---From the catcher's crouch. Drop hard, arching your back and shoulders so
               that they impact the surface while the small of your back remains curved and
               off the ground. Same ending position as above
            ---From standing. Drop smoothly into the catcher's, then continue smoothly
                into a backwards roll, dissipating the force with motion
            ---From standing, with a push. Same as above. Accept the incoming force, and
               convert it into a controlled motion as you drop to the ground
            ---From a headstand. Enter a headstand position (assisted, and then unassisted),
               then allow yourself to continue backwards into a full backdrop. Remember
               to land first on the balls of your feet, and also to keep the small of your back
               arched, dissipating the force with your feet, shoulders, and arms

    Forward/face fall
            ---From Kneeling. Enter kneeling position (choir boy). Allow your body
               weight to drop forward, placing both arms immediately in front of your chest
               and head, in a wedge position. Lock the head and neck firmly (do not use the
              chin tuck for this fall). Upon impact, the body drops slightly, as though using
              the arms and lower back as shock absorbers
            ---From Standing. Roll off of your toes, up and forward, dropping from full
               height into the same position as above. Pay careful attention to the particulars,
               otherwise you are risking injury

    Be sure to master each specific concept before going on to the next. There is no such thing
      as a short cut to mastering falls. Practice, master, then move on to the next level

    Master the right side, then master the left side

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