Elements of Attack

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Appendix "E"
The Elements of Attack
(Offensive Fighting Strategies)


    Water Concepts
    Earth Concepts
    Air Concepts
    Fire Concepts

    Gun Fu Water Studies
    (Sparring Concepts #1-5)

    The lead jab

    The lead jab followed by a shuffling in reverse punch

    Closing the gap with a lunge and a lunge punch
        (Executed off of the same knee position)

    The punching blitz. Shuffle reverse punch, followed by a standing punch, followed by a
     lunge punch

    Closing the gap---(3 feet out)
            ---Push off with the rear foot
            ---Same push off with a jab and reverse punch
            ---Same push off, with a lead jab, opposite hand reverse punch, same side front kick,
                then opposite side reverse punch followed by a sweep
            ---Always jab realistically when initiating any sequence of techniques


    Gun Fu Earth Studies
    (Sparring Concepts #6-10)

    The shuffle kick movement (front, side, roundhouse)

    The lunge kick movement (front, side, roundhouse)

    Side kick attacks (stepping back, stepping forward, spinning)

    Roundhouse kick attacks (lead leg, rear leg, stepping forward)

    Angular attacks (side, roundhouse, back)



    Gun Fu Air Studies
    (Sparring Concepts #11-15)

    Double kicks with the same leg

    Jumping kicks initiated by instep kick

    Jumping kicks initiated by a rear leg front kick

    Jumping off of the front leg and attacking with the rear leg

    Jumping spinaround side kick



    Gun Fu Fire Studies
    (Sparring Concepts #16-20)

    The heel hook kick

    The outside kick

    The axe kick

    Simple combinations
            ---Lead back fist, opposite reverse punch, same outside kick, set
            ---High block, opposite reverse punch, same front kick, opposite spinning side kick or
                spinning back kick, set

    Advanced Combinations
            ---Lead jab, opposite front kick, same lunge punch, opposite round kick, opposite
                spinning back fist, same spinning side kick, set
            ---Standard #1
            ---Standard #2



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