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DonationsIroncrane Dojo has been on line for several years with completely open access to all of its resources.  We had hoped sales of products to frequent users would offset the mounting expenses.  Regretably, that has not been the case.  Daily traffic has grown beyond our wildest imaginings, and costs have continued to escalate without relief.  You can cast your vote our continued existence by donation or by picking something up from our store.  More information on this can be found by clicking here.

The objective of the internet dojo is to have positive impact on your study of the martial arts. The premise is video best communicates information about physical movement, in the least possible time.  Most visitors don’t intend to spend hours at the site (though some have).  We want to bring and show you things you might not get or see elsewhere, but in a way that is practical.  Running video files from any web site can be a headache.  For research and review purposes, we were originally recommending you download the video clip by “right clicking” and saving to your own computer where it could remain for your continued viewing and study.  More recently, we have found loading our videos to YouTube and embedding on our site to be a much more practical and efficient way of sharing.

There are ways to download and save the videos to your own computer.  Researching online will show you how.  For those who do download and are looking for an excellent player, we can recommend KMPlayer, which is freely available, and has been our favorite for years.  Remember, if you do choose to download any files, they are protected by copyright and must not be altered in any way.  Also, be sure to first read our “Terms of Use”

As always, thanks for your continuing interest.

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