Cycle Drills

Appendix "C"
The Cycle Drills
(fluid application of self defense)


  • Empty Hand Cycle
  • Knife Cycle
  • Foot Cycle
  • Middle Stick Cycle
  • Bo Cycle
  • Sword Cycle



Gun Fu Cycle Drills

Defender responds to four attacks in each cycle. The attacking sequence is North, East, South and West. They are executed in sequence, one after the other, in clockwise order. After the final reaction, defender returns to starting position, in ready stance, facing North.

    I: Empty Hand Cycle:

      North attacks with right hand lunge punch.  East attacks with left hand lunge punch.  South attacks with two hand grabbing motion from above.  West attacks with left hand (right optional) grabbing motion from rear.

    II: Knife Cycle:

      North executes downward side slash with right hand.  East executes downward side slash with left hand (optional reverse right).  South executes straight in thrust.  West executes reverse hand stab with right hand.

    III: Foot Cycle:

      North attacks with right front kick.  East attacks with left front kick.  South attacks with right side kick.  West attacks with left roundhouse(face) kick.

    IV: Middle Stick Cycle:

      North attacks with #1 Arnis strike (Right side).  East attacks with #2 Arnis strike (Left side).  South attacks with #5 Arnis strike (Frontal Stab).  West attacks with #12 Arnis strike (Overhead).

    V: Bo Cycle:

      North attacks from right (Outside in).  East attacks from left (Outside in).  South attacks with a straight in thrust (Frontal Stab).  West attacks overhead.

    VI: Sword Cycle:

      North executes right side horizontal slash.  East executes left side horizontal slash.  South executes frontal stab.  West executes overhand downward slash.




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