Ancient Fury

There comes a time in the life of every martial artist where multiple airborne kicks are forever locked in the past, along with full contact, and falls to solid surfaces.  I too can remember when I was young and invincible.  Frankly, it’s now a distant dream!.

An essential tenet of Gun Fu is that every practitioner must continue to improve with each passing year.  Generally, skill level should double with each level of rank.  In the same vein, you should, like a very fine wine, improve with age, producing your greatest achievements as you approach your final sunset.  That is not to deny there are injuries, or even physical limitations which meld into who you are as you mature.  But good Gun Fu means finding the answer, and that answer can never be to “give up” or to “quit”. 

Ancient Fury (also referred to as Ancient Master) represents one of many forms in the Gun Fu system designed to be executed by someone whose fundamental skills are sound, but which does not require the physical flamboyance of youth  (hence its name).  It demands confident movement, efficient speed, and complex cane work, as a conceptual fight unfolds against multiple attackers, all of whom lay defeated at the end.

The Cane is often overlooked in martial arts training.  Frankly, it combines much of what you can find in the study of Nunchaku, with movement of the Jo, and the lightning strikes of Arnis.  Some have even convincinbly demonstrated a direct link between the Cane and Sword. 

Within Gun Fu, Cane is a complete subsystem, taking 1-2 years to learn. Typically, those who make the effort puzzle over how they overlooked this unique weapon in the first place.

Ancient Fury/Ancient Master (the form)


Ancient Fury/Ancient Master (details)


Demonstrating Basics


Here’s a look at the form taken and reworked by someone else, which of course you are free to do. Our job is to build upon what came before, and add to it. Make it better if you can find a way to do so, and are so disposed. This is my friend from Tacoma Tai Chi, Prof. Sid Olufs (Pacific Lutheran University).


If you’d like to learn more about cane,
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