Breakout Techniques

Break Out Techniques --- Video File

This file provides a video portrayal of each Break Out Technique described in the article.  Senseis Chris Entus and Marc  Mxon are attacking, Bill Mc Cabe is defending.  The techniques are executed multiple times, and explanation of the "live  hand" is included, with closeup of how it assists the escape.  Several times in the demonstration, Bill Mc Cabe extends his  hands to establish his "self defense" distance.  The concept of self defense distance is addressed elsewhere on the site, but here you can see how it remains fundamental to all practice situations. 

Apart from videos embedded from our YouTube channel, uploaded clips are in the *.wmv format.  We feel this format provides the best combination of quality and compression, allowing for good viewing at relatively fast download speeds.  You will need Version 7 (or higher) of Windows Media Player to view the *.wmv files.  The videos should be played in a reduced view for better clarity.  You will lose detail if you enlarge them to full screen.

Windows Media (.wmv)

Break Outs

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