Arnis Flow (Crane and Snake)

Rounding out the overview of the middle stick (see Arnis #1 & 2), I have prepared these several clips.  The first clip emphasizes (with some explanation) the flow inherent in all stick fighting arts, and demonstrates how flow sets up the power and leverage in techniques to follow.  It concludes with an improvised set showing just how effective and versatile techniques like Crane and Snake can become in the hands of someone who has mastered the concepts.  These were not rehearsed or choreographed.  The camera was turned on.  We executed.  What you see is what we did in the moment.

I also included several videos detailing the movement which powers “cobra.”  Take some time to work on the underlying flow and let it attach to your root ensuring it will be there for you when you call on it.  The final clip takes these cobra concepts then revisits the flows and energies evident in the first video, but with more detail on how to tie in the concepts.  These are excerpted from our instructional video ( Sticks, Tricks and Useful Bits), no longer in print.  You can view it by clicking here.

Sticks, Cranes & Cobras, with Demo


Perfecting Disarms (Eight Essential Disarms)


Cobra 1 - Inside Fanning


Cobra 2 - Outside Fanning


Cobra 3 - Cobra Stick Disarms



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