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The Presidential Sports Award has been replaced with The Presidentís Challenge.  This is an entirely re-designed program patterned on the original standards, but allowing for on-line reporting, tracking, and monitoring.  The new program is also broadly expanded, to include groups previously excluded, and allowing for a broader array of skill levels.  There is also an emphasis on nutrition.

The original Presidential Sports Award was designed in concept to recognize individual efforts to make personal physical fitness an integral part of oneís life.  In effect, the program required the participant keep a journal or log of their class and practice regimen for a period of 4 months.  The participant practiced skills for a minimum of 50 hours.  No more than one hour could be credited per day or per workout.  Of the required 50 hours, at least 30 were to be under the supervision of a qualified instructor (requirements varied with differing sports, and arts).  You didnít have to be a Black Belt to do this.  The award could be achieved by any student provided he or she was able to demonstrate a strong commitment to class participation and learning.  To undertake the program, it was not necessary you hold any particular rank, or even that you test for promotion.  What was necessary was that you consistently attended class, and that you consistently practiced, while documenting your progress.  Once requirement was met, you submited the documentation, with what I considered to be a very reasonable fee, and within several weeks, you received your award (an impressive certificate), over the signature of the President of the United States, with a patch for your uniform (additional patches could be ordered at nominal cost).

Original criteria for the four martial arts categories is provided below for general informational purposes.  The program has been re-conceived ... and we expect the original criteria and reporting requirements to be updated.  For current information, please click on the link to The Presidentís Challenge:


Practice judo skills minimum 50 hours; no more than one hour credited daily.
At least 30 of 50 hours must be under supervision of qualified instructor.


Practice karate skills minimum 50 hours; no more than one hour credited daily.
At least 30 or 50 hours must be under supervision of qualified instructor.

Martial Arts (General):

For all martial arts other than Judo, Karate and Tae Kwon Do:

Practice martial arts skills a minimum of 50 hours; no more than 1 hour credited daily.
At least 30 of the 50 hours must be under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

Tíai Chi:

Participate minimum 50 hours of T'ai Chi Chuan following standards set by American T'ai Chi Association.
Credit no more than one hour per day, five hours per week to total.

(Click here for more information on The Presidentís Challenge)

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